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The secret of super active, structured water is that it maintains that energy.  This infinitely imperceptible energy is called “wave.”  The human body also has this “wave” present (an energy pulse that runs our nervous system and brain).  It is known that a lower “wave” presence leads to decreases in natural healing power.  Our new product the νG7 is a super water activator catalyst, adopting this “natural wave energy” concept present in the Earth and provides a special helix vortex spin in custom formed materials known to allow the high “wave” production.

Electrons are one of the sources creating all living organisms and physical matters.  Synchronized electron spin motions induce proper waves which reduce wasteful electron motion of this life energy or physical matter.  Allowing this developed energy to last longer.

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Bringing water back as close to Nature as humanly possible.

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    Contact us to find out how you can become a distributor or a consumer. Email Info@G7Water.com for all inquires.

  • Use Water

    Use water like you normally would. The vG7 device will convert drinking water, bathing water, and all water uses to a higher charged, healthier water.

  • Enjoy The Benefits

    You will have cleaner water, decrease disease, use less soap, harvest fresher crops, have cleaner equipment, and so much more.


  • Eradicate or control pathogenic growth of Salmonella, E. Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, Legionella, MRSA and others.
  • Shortened harvest time due to more consistent and uniform growth. See a faster, healthier harvest, and reduce the amount and/or need for fertilizers.
  • Prevents soil and airborne disease.
  • Reduces considerable amounts of applied herbicide type chemicals. Up to 50% savings.
  • Used in hospitals, medical facilities, cancer treatment, mitigation of or reducing Hepatitis, and some see a reduction in Alzheimer Disease.
  • Reduces odor around sinks and bath area.  Sanitization in and around restrooms and food preparation.
  • Air born pathogen eradication by spraying the environment at risk.
  • Drinking water run through vG7 catalyst hexagon vortex cores 20 times seems to have positive effect on some Cancer treatments.
  • vG7 treated water removes free radical oxygen which causes senescence**, thus preventing regeneration of negative cell structures
  • Food safety, washing food processing equipment, and disinfection by washing vegetable before packing.  This helps to mitigate and kill pathogens, molds, and more.
  • Extends product shelf life of vegetables, fish and other perishables rinsed in vG7 water.
  • You might reduce or eliminate the need for chlorine treatment of water.
  • Used in restaurants to help remove odors, improve the taste of water, coffee, wine and anything cooked with the vG7 water.
  • Dish washing uses less soap and cleaners are more efficient.
  • In the wine industry, spirits and foods taste better and flavors are cleaner and crisp.
  • In swimming pools it can reduce chlorine amounts, reduces smell , helps to kill bacteria, and is gentle on skin and eyes.
  • Reduces mineral stain/build up that causes water spots by ionizing the mineral scale.
  • (SOSA) Superoxide Scavenging Activity is increased up to 30% by vG7 catalyst wave producing water.

** SENESCNCE =  (from , meaning “to grow old,” from ) or biological aging is the process of accumulative changes to molecular and cellular structure that disrupts metabolism with the passage of time, resulting in deterioration and eventually bringing about death. Senescence occurs both on the level of the whole organism (organismal senescence) as well as on the level of its individual cells (cellular senescence). The science of biological aging is biogerontology. Albeit indirectly, senescence is by far the leading cause of death
(See “Links” for the entire article.  vG7 water catalyst may aid in the following life and health areas) Agriculture, Positive “aerobic” microbe growth is elevated thus enhancing crop growth and yields.


The hexagon field converter is made of SUS304 which is an iron (Fe) containing 18% of Ni (nickel) and 8% of chromium.  The converter is specially treated to bring about chemical reaction on its surface.  This reaction begins the actions of wave being returned to the mostly passive water. A short list of changes are ionization, increased surfactant potency, reduced Oxidation Reduction Potential (less oxidation), increases in Oxygen and Hydrogen as well as wave energy.
  • The fish meat stays firmer during processing.

    Kouda Co
  • The Aquarium water being pumped in and out is now cleaner/clearer, we now have less death from the introduction of new items like prawns, horse mackerels, kelp grouper and sea bream.

    Satoya Corp
  • Fresh water clams have firmer meat and stay fresh longer. Processed and thawed products taste better. We have less bacterial growth and surprisingly the amino acids are higher.

    Kawamura Shokuzai Co
  • Our strawberries grown with the NeuG7 water have brighter color, are firmer and have a sweeter tart tastes.

    T Kougyo Co
  • Our red perl are now bigger and tastier strawberries and the plants have more buds so we make more money.

    Hiroshima Farm
  • We grow shishito or melon. With the NeuG7 water the taste is sweeter and our harvest is larger while using less agri chemicals.

    Araki Agri Farm
  • After a year of struggle with a new greenhouse tomato operation we were introduced to the NeuG7 water units. In less than 5 months our crops had a 180 turn around in production yield (+20%) and color as well as taste. We had separate areas with different agrichemical application and all were similar except the area with the NeuG7 water.

    Yamazaki Green Farm
  • Our green bell peppers now taste sweeter, crop yields are up dramatically, income is up by 2.5 times from four years ago.

    Kazuto Araki Farmer